Sierra de Vizcántar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sierra de Vizcántar is an  Extra Virgin Olive Oil which belongs to Priego de Córdoba area  and is obtained from picuda, hojiblanca and picual varieties. The maximum acidity is 0.5 º.

Its sensory quality is characterized by a particular taste: sweet and slightly bitter, fruity, fresh aroma and intense fruit, soft and lightweight.

It is an olive oil which can be served or consumed crude or cooked or fried.

* In crude this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is irreplaceable. Ideal for all kind of salads and sauces, which has best taste with Sierra de Vizcántar olive oil, adding some lemon, parsley and / or garlic. Dressing is ideal for all types of dishes, meats, fish, boiled, roasted or grilled smoked, marinated and so on ...

* For frying, Sierra de Vizcántar is unbeatable, thanks to its physical attributes which are not altered by heating. The olive oil stability is maintained even if it is submitted to high temperatures while frying, which is opposite to seeds or refined oils effect. Olive oil is not only know by the presence of antioxidants, but also for its richness in oleic acid, which make it suitable for this type of cooking process, thanks to its high resistance against oxidation which protect our body an organism  against any further damage.

Logistics                                                          Profile

Chemical analysis 

Maximum acidity


Maximum peroxide rate

20 m.e.q. O


=< 0.20


=< 2.5


=< 0.01


=< 250 mg/kg.


=<0.1 %


=< 0.1 %







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