Olive Oil Tasting

Trip of Aromas

Aceites Vizcántar firm has as main aim the promotion of olive oil quality, with Protected Denomination of Origin Priego de Córdoba. As per its purpose, Aceites Vizcántar has created in its installations a new space called “Taste Room”, where tasting activity is offered.

Nice trip of aromas, flavours and tastes through our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the delicious varieties of olives, typical of our areas.



-    Olive Oil mill: The Olive extraction process, from olives. The cleaning, grinding, shaking process, then the separation of solid – liquid process, centrifugation system, decantation and finally bottling.

-    Sensorial profile: the most common attributes, which provides to Olive Oil: virtues and defects.

-    Exploring our senses: Smell, savour, feel the aftertaste, see.....everything through Olive Oil. And all this to delight your six senses.

-    The Olive Oil Portrait: According to its sensorial qualities. Description of all olive oil types and categories.



Our Olive Oil Tasting provides you a wide range of Olive Oil:

-    Extra Virgin Olive Oil: with protected denomination of origin Priego de Córdoba, which characteristics are: intensive, fresh, fruity and with high equilibrium between bitter, spicy and soft.

-   “Lamp” Olive Oil: Big detection and perception of most common defect that we could find in olive oil such as: rancid, Borras, fusty and so on…

-    Mono- variety Olive Oil: Picual variety, is the most plentiful & abundant one in Spain.

-    Pure Olive Oil: Finally that typical (pure) olive oil, will help us to classify olive oil in several categories.

Besides, we provide official tasting Cups, designed specially for the perception & detection of aroma, flavour and tasting, together with the profile sheet, describe the most common attributes of Olive Oil.

The tasting process is completed by images, sound…. So as to strengthen the comprehension, in an environment where we ´re focused on our senses.



It consists on practical class, where all assistants will have the opportunity to enjoy a kind of promenade through the aroma, flavour and taste of several samples of olive Oil, provided to them.

The Tasting Master, invites participants to describe their sensation after tasting each kind of Olive oil offered to them, making them participating in the tasting process.

The olive oil tasting is completed with other information related with other olive oil spheres, specially olive oil & gastronomy, olive oil & health, olive oil & cosmetics...

Finally, all questions doubts or clarification of participants will be solved.

Tasting is provided to groups from 1 to 60 persons and it takes 1:15mn approximately.

At the end, we invite participants to a great degustation of all our delicious products: several varieties of olives table, olives pâté, olives jam and so on… all this accompanied with good wine typical of our area, or any soft drink.



You will discover the olive oil world, and its sensorial side, being able to make difference between an extra virgin olive oil, an olive oil full of defects, refined oil and other vegetal oils.

You’ll get more acknowledgement about olive oil extraction process, categories of Olive oil, according to its attributes, olives varieties and the area, several uses of olive oil, in gastronomy, cosmetic and of course its salutary quality.

Enjoyment emotion of our land & region landscape, under the protected denomination of origin, which involves small villages such as Almedinilla, Carcabuey, Fuente Tójar y Priego de Córdoba, and which provide to its olives a distinguished olives, and flavour. Something very special which will remain in your inside, and will make us opened to a world of sensation which this universe offers us.



   3        Persons
   35€   Between
   21-30 Persons
   4-6     Persons
   31-40 Persons
   7-10   Persons
   41-50 Persons
   11-15 Persons
   51-60 Persons
   16-20 Persons
   61-70 Persons
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