Lip Balm

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Cosméticos Vizcántar

Pollution, the weather, and the passing of time, al lead to the gradual dehydration and aging of our lips. The Vizcántar lip balm fights those effects thanks to a formula which incorporates an Extra-Virgin Olive Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and ideally suited to counteract free radicals. The lip balm also contains avocado oil, a natural sunray filter, beeswax and carnauba wax. It is, therefore, particularly suited for nourishing and regenerating the delicate skin of lips, so they regain their shine and smoothness.

Tube 10ml.

Conditions of Sale: 
Minimun Order : 4 units. The price is per each unit. This prices are only within Spain. Please contact us for any other country. For any order of 4 cosmetic items, please contact us.
8,00 € excluding IVA


Number of boxesPrice
4 uds8.00 € IVA included
6 uds7.00 € IVA included
8 uds6.00 € IVA included
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