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Cosmetics made with organic Olive Oil


Cosmetics Vizcántar with Extra Virgin Olive Oil are produced organically take care of yours inside and out.

Vizcántar Olive Oil is well aware of the nourishing and health-enhancing qualities of olive oil, particularly its vitamin content and anti-oxidant power, and has harnessed those qualities in a series of cosmetic products for the care and beautification of our body.

The cosmetics are based on organically produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil and essential oils of aromatic plants.



The range of Vizcántar Body Oils are carefully crafted combinations of organically produced extra-virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, peanut oil, wheat germ, coconut oil and 100% pure essentials oils. They fully moisturize, restructure and strengthen our body’s skin and restore its smoothness and shine.

·  Muscular Relaxant: Combines essential oils which are especially suited for the relaxation of nerves and muscles, in particular: lavender, rosemary, and orange blossom.

·  Nourishing: The essential oils employed, such as myrrh, jasmine and rose hip, have powerful moisturizing and nourishing effects on the skin.

·  Sensitive Skin: The essentials oils of apple, myrrh and violet are prevalent and, in combination with residual elements, produce an oil that is particularly suited for delicate skins.

·  Anti-Wrinkling: Essential oils with a well known firming and regenerating effects on the skin, such ass Aloe Vera, calendula and frankincense, are especially beneficial for parched and chapped skin.

·  Anti-cellulitic: A combination of essential oils which are widely acknowledged for their anti-cellulitic efficacy, as activators of the micro-circulation of blood, and strengtheners of skin tissue, notably birch, grapefruit, lime and gingko biloca.



Pollution, the weather, and the passing of time, al lead to the gradual dehydration and aging of our lips. The Vizcántar lip balm fights those effects thanks to a formula which incorporates an Extra-Virgin Olive Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and ideally suited to counteract free radicals. The lip balm also contains avocado oil, a natural sunray filter, beeswax and carnauba wax. It is, therefore, particularly suited for nourishing and regenerating the delicate skin of lips, so they regain their shine and smoothness.



The cream provides superior protection for the delicate skin of hands and the face. Composed of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, arnica and essential oils of apple and lemon, it counteracts dry skin and protects the hands against the effects of cold, detergents and other external elements. It is effective against cracks, cuts and rough skin and rapidly restores, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.



Jasmine perfume



Vizcántar soaps are made out of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, honey and wheat germ, and are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants to produce a healthy skin and daily well-being. Vizcántar Olive Oil has created 5 kinds of soap to meet the requirements of each skin type.

·  Oily Skins: Containing natural essences of tea tree, ceder, geranium, lemon, apple and sage, this soap is recommended for oily skins and against acne, thanks to its disinfectant and scar healing qualities.

·  Dry Skins: Royal jelly and essences of frankincense, orange blossom, calendula and apple lend this soap nourishing and restorative powers, making it especially suited for dry skins.

·  Normal skins: Thanks to a high concentration of essential oils with an anti-septic and moisturizing working (orange blossom, rose hip, tea tree, lavender, and calendula), this soap is ideal for balancing normal skins.

·  Natural: A soap recommended for irritated skins because of its high concentration of essential oils with disinfectant and scar healing properties which nourish and protect the skin.


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